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Core Educational Videos

Core Issue Videos run approximately 5-6 minutes, and give the most comprehensive facts in easy to understand diagrams and illustrations and language on a specific subject. They have been translated in ...


Issue Clips

Each issue clip is one minute long, covering an urgent topic of political consequence. Please pass these on through your Facebook, Instagram, twitter and e-mail. ...


Modern Moments

‘Modern Moments’ is an educational project to strengthen the understanding of Israel’s amazing achievements during its relatively short time of existence as a modern state, including technology, econo ...


Q & A for Debates

The Comprehensive Guide to The Truth about Hasbara. Hasbara is the Hebrew term for advocacy for Israel and Israel’s public diplomacy, the Israeli public relations. ...


Street Smart

Every street name speaks of our rich Jewish history, our patriarchs, our kings, our prophets, and our heroes. Join Danny Ayalon as he walks the street of Israel, and shares the unique persons and even ...


OP Eds

Editorail written by ambassador Ayalon and published on Israel's "Walla" news website ...