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A NON-PROFIT COMPANY TO EDUCATE AND TRAIN THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE FACTS OF ISRAEL IN TODAY’S WORLD. Our mission is to educate and train Israelis for hasbara, covering the core values of the state of Israel, and the fundamental rights and justice for the Jewish people; and to prepare diplomats, Israeli students, businessmen and professionals with the latest in pr and media techniques to promote Israel abroad and improve her standing in the international community. Fighting the delegitimization, BDS and incitement against Israel. This organization is based on 25 years of experience at the forefront of Israel public diplomacy and
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More About “The Truth About the UN”

BOOKLET ACCOMPANYING OUR LATEST VIDEO In addition to our latest video, “The Truth About the UN”, there is also a presentaiton accompanying the video, which expands upon the topic, providing further examples of the hypocrisy which lies within the corridors of the United Nations. This presentation can be used by teachers, lecturers, community leaders, university students and more to explain the phenomenon that is the United Nations. For the UN Presentation please click here
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