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The Truth about The United Nations

The United Nations (UN) was created following World War II, in order to prevent war and terror and to promote human rights and justice for individuals and nations. Article 51 of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter states that: “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations”. Therefore, Israel has every right to defend herself and her citizens, even if it means preventing and preempting a terrorist rocket or mortar attack from Gaza on innocent Israeli citizens, or conducting military operations in order to locate and release Israeli civilians abducted by Palestinian terrorists.

  • Is the United Nations objective in its dealing with the Israel-Palestinian conflict?
    Absolutely not. The United Nations General Assembly has consistently voted against Israel, denying Israel its fundamental right to self-defense according to the United Nations’ own charter. The General Assembly consistently condemns Israel, calls to investigate and boycott Israel, and in a biased and hypocritical move, unconditionally backs the uncompromising Palestinian positions. With this very partial conduct, the UN is damaging the prospects for peace, emboldens the uncompromising Palestinian positions, and erodes Israeli trust in the organization. With such conduct, no Israeli would agree to make concessions for peace, because not only will they not be appreciated, but the UN will never come to Israel’s defense if attacked.
  • Why is the UN biased against Israel?
    The UN is biased against Israel because of the political composition of the General Assembly. Out of 193 countries in the General Assembly, the Arab states control an absolute majority, made up of Islamic states, the Arab League and the Non-Aligned Movement which make up a voting bloc of 124 countries. In the 2012 General Assembly, there were 26 Resolutions passed against specific countries. 22 out of those 26, an astonishing 85%, were against Israel.Israel is criticized for doing what every other country would do because Israel is not treated as all other countries, due to Palestinian delegitimization and the automatic majority in the UN. For instance, Israel is criticized for building the Security Fence, while similar fences exist on the US-Mexico border, the EU border, between India and Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Algeria, and there is even a UN-sanctioned security fence on Cyprus. Similarly, even though the Israeli blockade on Gaza is an entirely legal one, as determined by the UN commissioned Palmer Report, Israel is still condemned for it.The United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva singles out Israel, where 50% of all resolutions are against one country, Israel, and is the only country which is on the HRC’s permanent agenda. Many of the HRC are the world perpetrators of human rights violations.
  • But didn’t the UN vote in 1947 to create a Jewish state in Israel?
    Yes, it did, but this was when the UN had a total of 50 member states, most of them open and democratic. Today, the UN is comprised of 193 countries, most of them non-democratic and yield to the Arab and Muslim pressure.
  • But at least they are doing some good with regards to human rights, no?
    True, they are doing some good, but in places that are already working on their own to fix the situation. They are unwilling to attack the tough situations. The Palestinians, backed with the support of human rights organizations as well as the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, accuse Israel of human rights violations, when violations which are hundreds and even thousands of times worse are occurring in the Palestinian West Bank every day, and we have not even begun to discuss Hamas’ actions in Gaza.
    Human rights organizations were originally intended to investigate closed dictatorial regimes, and to investigate actual human rights issues. Today they don’t deal with closed societies. They don’t deal with Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. They are betraying their ideal. Instead they investigate the USA, UK and Israel for war crimes, open societies with free press, where you are allowed to criticize the government, and where there are independent judicial systems which maintain the law and which guard human rights. A glaring example is how the UN treats refugees around the world and Palestinian refugees differently. Again, this is the result of the automatic majority enjoyed by the Arab and undemocratic countries in the United Nations.
  • How are Palestinian refugees treated any differently from any other refugees around the world?
    Palestinian refugees have their own private agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), unlike refugees from the rest of the world, who are treated for by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). UN resources for Palestinian refugees are three times higher than any other refugees in the world. The UN’s objective with regards to refugees around the world is to resettle them, while UNRWA’s objective is to perpetuate their status. While all refugees are considered thus for only the first generation, Palestinian refugees maintain this status and pass it down from generation to generation, aggravating the problem instead of resolving it.
  • Can the UN be a broker in the peace between Israel and the Palestinians?
    Absolutely not. Because of their inherent bias and hostility towards Israel, as well as the Arab majority that backs the Palestinians and supports even their most aggressive behavior and capricious demands. This is why any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians cannot be based upon UN resolutions, which are reflections of Palestinian demands. Unfortunately, the UN does not represent international law, but in most cases is used against Israel as a kangaroo court.

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