The Passover Seder is a special occasion for every Jewish family. It is a ritual feast that marks the start of the Jewish Passover holiday. For seven days throughout Israel, the Jews celebrate Passover. All over the globe, the Passover lasts for eight days. If you have just been invited to a Passover Seder, it is best that you go with a few gifts in hand. Passover gifts are an excellent way to show your appreciation and join in the fun. Usually, Jews choose some specific Passover gifts to give to families. If you are confused, here are a few ideas that will help you:

Silver Kiddush cup

A silver Kiddush cup is one of the best Passover gifts that you can give. Kiddush is a Hebrew blessing that is generally recited over a cup of grape juice or wine. It is commonly recited over several Jewish holidays. Gifting a silver Kiddush cup that has a complete inscription of the prayer along its sides is not only thoughtful, but is also a relatively unique idea.

Inscribed Plates

You can also choose from several specially inscribed plates. A blessings Passover plate is an excellent choice. You can also choose between a Passover matzah plate or a special Passover Seder Plate. At the Israel Gift Store, you can find a collection of different plates in numerous colors and designs. The Israel Gift Store is a one-stop shop for all your Jewish gift needs!

Embroidered Tallit

An embroidered Tallit is considered to be one of the most popular Passover gifts among Jewish families. Essentially, it is a prayer shawl, but with beautiful embroidery around it. Your Jewish friends are bound to love it and will certainly remember you in their prayers!

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