A Menorah is a beautifully designed candelabrum with nine separate branches. The candelabrum is lit during the eight days of Hanukkah. Every one night, a new branch is lit. The final ninth holder is known as the shamash. It generally can be used to light all the other lights. It is a highly special candelabrum and should be kept higher than all the other candles in the room. If you are thinking about buying some Menorah gifts, here are a few ideas that will help you make a better decision:
Glass Menorahs

If you are looking for something quite delicate and ornately designed, a glass menorah could prove to be very popular. Glass menorahs are an excellent way to commemorate the Jerusalem Hanukiah, and look extremely beautiful. You can also find internally lit candelabrums that must be connected to a power outlet. Many modern candlesticks now feature an electric flame.
Electric Display Menorahs

If you are looking for unique gifts, perhaps the best option available is to look for electric display menorahs. These feature a gorgeous, colored electric display as well as a very stylish, ornamental design. The electric display lights up when turned on, bathing the room in a multitude of different colors. On every night, you can select which “candle” you wish to light up. This is easily one of the best menorah gifts that you can get, and looks quite thoughtful.
The Classic Choices

If you don’t prefer the modern menorahs, you can always go the classic route. A number of different designs and styles are available. You can select from ceramic or wood & resin menorahs. At the Israel Gift Store, you can find a wide range of different menorahs. Take your pick from handcrafted menorahs, stone menorahs or several other unique designs!

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