Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was built by King David over 3,000 years ago, and has never been a capital for any people other than the Jewish people, as was chronicled in the bible, and proved by independent archaeological discoveries found. Jewish presence in the old city of Jerusalem existed uninterruptedly until the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem was overrun by the Jordanian Legion in 1948. This brought about the division of Jerusalem into East Jerusalem, which includes the Old City, and West Jerusalem. In 1967, Jerusalem was reunited, and like any other nation’s capital, will never be divided or shared with any other. Throughout 2,000 years of Jewish exile from the land of Israel, it was the prayers and yearnings to return and to rebuild Jerusalem that kept the Jews as one united people. Indeed, Jerusalem is at the very core of Judaism and the Jewish life and identity.

Why can’t Jerusalem be divided between Israel and the Palestinians?
Jerusalem has always been a capital for only one people, Israel, and as no other country in the world is asked to divide its own capital city into two, there is no reason to judge Israel by a double standard and request this of her. Since there was never a Palestinian state, there was never a Palestinian capital, meaning that a capital can be declared wherever they desire on their own territories.

Isn’t Jerusalem also holy for Christians and Muslims?
Yes, but this has nothing to do with sovereignty and ownership. Since Israel regained sovereignty over Jerusalem, there has been complete freedom of worship to those of all religions. This is unlike the previous period under Jordanian rule, from 1948-1967, when Jews and Christians were denied access to their holy sites.

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